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WhatsApp Plus


WhatsApp Plus APK – Hello, friends, welcome to all of you from mozous.com. Today we have brought a great WhatsApp mod for you, such as the latest mod of WhatsApp official, named WhatsApp Plus Mod APK. Everyone in the world knows this WhatsApp. There will be no person who does not know about WA.

So today we will share this WAP in this post. Which you will be able to download and install this WA on your Android device. Do not worry that 100% WA is working, you can easily set up it on your Android device, so read the information below.

There is no doubt that if you use a smartphone, you must use WhatsApp. Because WhatsApp has become the simplest and easiest platform to connect with friends, WAAPP today. That is why today this apk is seen in every smartphone. Now, when it comes to WhatsApp, the back is are available in the phone of the people, but often people are looking for a good feature WhatsApp, such as WhatsApp Plus, which is the mode of WhatsApp.

For example, WPA is a mode through which you can make the unlimited future of WhatsApp available in a WA and in the WhatsApp official, you cannot get more future. Therefore, there is a lot of future available in WA Mod and these features are very good for business. Use these futures at the right place. Do not use these futures in the wrong place.

So just here you get the best feature from the official WhatsApp. WhatsApp Plus’s developers continue to add new features to lure their users, and recently the developer has added some new features that are going to be very useful for WhatsApp Plus users. So today we have brought you this new version of App in this article, which you can download by clicking from the link below.

The App is also a chat messenger application like the official WhatsApp that allows other people to interact with them, send photos, send audio calls and video calls. WhatsApp Plus was created by reflected in 2012. But here in WHP, there are more features than the official WhatsApp, which centralizes WhatsApp users on their side, the developer of this application makes some changes.

This application of the mean is constantly adding some features so that WhatsApp can use the user to entice. So if you are also active on WhatsApp and want to download the new version of WAP. So now you can easily download this app by clicking on the link below.

Download WhatsApp Plus APK

Like you can use many WhatsApp Plus APK on the same Android device. For example, if you are using the official WhatsApp, you can also use our App and if you want, you can use other WAP APK well. You can use multiple WhatsApp on one device.

We are still saying that many WhatsApp mods have been discontinued. But on this website, this WA APK has been uploaded in the new version, which is working 100%. If you want to download this WhatsApp Plus and install it on your Android device, then keep this in mind.

First of all download this WA APK and install it on your Android device. But after that do not make this WA available from your personal number. Because there can be many problems. So you use WhatsApp Plus by duplicate number.

Because the official WhatsApp has stopped this WhatsApp mod by the government’s recognition, which has stopped the WhatsApp mods like GB WhatsApp and WAP, FM WhatsApp etc. So we have created this Whatsapp in a new way. Through which you are reaching all the people. So you can create your WhatsApp account from any other number and enjoy this WhatsApp to the fullest. It is built with more (two-fold) futures than before.

What is Whatsapp Plus App

Just like everyone has WhatsApp Plus App available in today’s time, most people are using WhatsApp in today’s time. WA APK is the modded version of the official WhatsApp. This modeled version works similar to WhatsApp, but this WhatsApp Plus has given a lot of privacy, which includes more features.

Within WA you can activate any theme, it has an unlimited theme, you can change the theme as per your wish. Read below to know more features of this-

Whatsapp Plus APK OF Features

If you want to read about the best features of WhatsApp plus apk, then have shared below. You can read it through time.

Hide your online status:- Because in today’s time the Internet is the most used way like people are using the Internet for 20 hours in 24 hours. So they can hide their online status to their contact or group, who will not know that you are online. You will be able to show offline status even when online.

Hide blue ticks: – Bluetick means that blue tick, as you send a message to one of your users, you get only one tick, if your users see your message, then your The ticks double and also become blue. The tick which is double and is blue, we call it blue tick hide.

Writing status:- When you type a message for a person on WhatsApp Plus, as you type, if that person is online, then that person can see the status of your writing. Because what you are writing, that type is the way to see the Bali situation. (Just like you can chat with someone else and they can see you typing) So if you don’t want to tell others about your writing status, you can enable this privacy option of WA And they can hide their writing position.

Recording status:- When you talk to someone, through voice recording. So when you are recording voice, the other person will not know that you are recording voice. If you enable the privacy option of WhatsApp Plus, then it will not know that you are recording voice.

Sticker Packs:- As you use the official WhatsApp, you will not get the option of sticker pack inside this WhatsApp, in which you cannot download the sticker. But if you use WhatsApp Plus APK, you get the option to download unlimited sticker packs, which keep updating new stickers. You can download the sticker as per your wish.

Cleaner:- This option is most commonly used by people who do more groups or chatting, which get more messages or chat. He can use this cleaner option. Through this option, you can delete all the messages at once. (Enabling this option removes all messages)

Wallpapers:- In today’s time, every person is fond of wallpaper, so for those who use WhatsApp, they can setup the most beautiful wallpaper for them. Inside WhatsApp Plus you will find many wallpapers, you can activate the wallpaper according to your wish.

Themes:- Like inside official WhatsApp you are not given the option to change themes. Within this WhatsApp Plus you are given the option to change the unlimited theme. Touch this theme option and you can activate and select any theme as you wish. Thousands of new new themes are updated inside this option.

Customization:- WhatsApp Plus means comes with unlimited features. This WA is being used by many people, who can do customization of this WA on their own and can customize the entire conference like chat or screen home screen WA. Its widgets can also do customization.

Sharing:- Official WhatsApp does not allow you to share this way, which is allowing WA to share. Like in this WA you can share more than 30 seconds of video and can share more than 7 minutes of audio and easily share the size of 50MB video, share 100MB audio size.

Security:- If you are very concerned about the greater security of WA, then you can lock it to WA. Because it has given you the option to lock, which you will not have to install any third-party application. There is an option inside this WhatsApp Plus, which you can protect your WP by setting a password.

Logs and History:- This feature is not available in the official WhatsApp. But inside WhatsApp Plus, this feature is provided, which according to this feature, since you have used WA and till it is done (terminated), you can select all the data by selecting this option till the last Can get it. All the data of the person with whom you spoke is present here. (Means given the option to record logs and history)

Fonts and Style: – If you want to change the font and style on your WhatsApp, then it has very stylish and fonts that can be applied according to your wish.

Benefits of WhatsApp Plus Mod APK

The biggest advantage in WhatsApp Plus Mod Apk is that you can put privacy. Like you can hide your online status and select blue tick and can also lock and restart your WhatsApp. (It has many advantages)

Sometimes we are very busy and are sitting in the office, with which many office partners get the message in front of them, then everyone gets upset. So it has an option, by selecting it, no message will be visible inside our WA.

Loss of WhatsApp Plus APK

Like we all know that WhatsApp Plus APK also has a lot of features, which everyone wanted to download, but in today’s time the news of this WA has flown, people are nervous to download it. Are, because those who use WPA, but after a few days start asking for updates, then they get redirected to a website for updating, then they start to panic then they Do not Arnold.

The reason for this is that if the update comes from the Google Play Store, then everyone can now update it, but it is through the website, then people are too afraid to download it and install it, then the Android device warns that it will be installed It is not right to do.

Those who do not trust WA because it is not the official application of WhatsApp. But to date, the official WhatsApp has never taken action on WA, but it may happen in the future which it may have to take action.

If it was updated on the WPA Google Play Store, then everyone can download it today and most users are from WA, as it comes with many features, so today, WhatsApp Plus App will be used by its people. Are using.

WhatsApp Plus APK Download Latest Version on Android

Let me say with hope, now you must have liked all the future of WhatsApp Plus Mod APK, only then you want to download this WhatsApp Plus, then you have given the download button below to download, click on it and download directly can do.

  • If you do not know how to install the APK file, then you can know with the screenshot below.
  • Click on the APK file that is downloaded to install WP.
  • Now you have to set the settings of your device, which means to enable “unknown sources” Settings> Security. After enabling, now come back and click on the install button.

SonyLiv Mod APK install

  • After clicking on the install button, now you have to click on Continue, then after Continue, you have to click on Open.
  • Now you have to log in with your mobile number, enter your mobile number and select your country and verify WhatsApp with OTP number. Now WhatsApp plus App is turned on. Now on your Android device. Now it will be working 100% above all devices.

Final Thoughts

I hope you must have installed the latest version of WhatsApp Plus APK Download on your Android device. And through WhatsApp, you will also be able to use all the futures. If you have liked this post very much, then do share it once on social media and after commenting us, definitely tell us how you like this WhatsApp.


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