Takashi Ninja Warrior Mod Apk v2.6.5 (Unlimited Money)

Takashi Ninja Warrior (Horizon Games Inc)

Name Takashi Ninja Warrior
Offered By Horizon Games Inc
Version 2.6.5
Size 117MB
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Updated June 26, 2022 (5 days ago)
MOD Features Unlimited Money
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Takashi Ninja Warrior Mod APK is the ultimate download for your mobile phone. It is the most complete version of the game. You can play as a powerful ninja master, who can vanquish anyone and everyone in his way. As you fight along, you will learn many new skills such as archery, explosives, and stealth attacks. Plus, you will gain extra weapons as well.

Every level of the game will give you new weapons, giving you endless possibilities when playing it. The Takashi Ninja Warrior APK has all the amazing features that the original game had, such as the amazing storyline, the amazing graphics, and the incredible martial arts.

It also comes with the cool skills that were introduced along with the full version of the game. This mod also comes free of cost for those who are interested. As mentioned earlier, this is an ultimate and intense ninja adventure game.

takashi ninja warrior mod apk

You will have an awesome time using this mod. Plus, you will be able to fully enjoy all the wonderful stages and the amazing level of realism. You get to use a new skill: ninjutsu.

This skill can help you win over the enemies and it will be very useful in fighting bosses. Moreover, you will also learn how to use several items and special techniques in this exciting medieval Japan game and also check out Mobile Legends: Bang Bang MOD APK.

Takashi Ninja Warrior Mod APK

There are many different things in the medieval version of the game, including a beautiful island, a dark, mysterious forest, deadly traps, unlimited money, and much more. If you are into strategy games, then this mod will be a good choice for you.

Plus, you will also enjoy the cool mini-game that comes along with the Takashi Ninja Warrior Mod APK This mini-game has an endless battlefield that is completely customizable. You can also earn money and unlock better equipment in this game as you proceed.

takashi ninja warrior mod apk android 1

However, if you don’t like to play as a samurai or a ninja anymore and you prefer to do other kinds of fights, you can enjoy other game modes such as Divine Resistance, Almighty Force, and Endless Force.

In the Divine Resistance, you will be defending your land against the armies of the evil God of Wind, whereas in Almighty Force, you will be a divine force striking fear in the hearts of your enemies. In the Endless Force, you must continue to defend the towns that you have saved from the attacks of evil creatures and you can choose to do so either by yourself or by using a special group of ninjas.

What is Takashi Ninja Warrior Hack APK 

Takashi Ninja Warrior Hack APK includes a whole new level of customization with its stunning graphics. You will get to choose the color of your blade, the size of your character, and you can even select a different costume for your character. The customization is so thorough that it allows you to create a unique warrior to fight beside you.

You can play the game as a unique character with the same enhancements and advantages as other ninjas in the game. The game’s story is set in Japan’s Edo period when the shogun of Japan has turned his back on the west and sided with the Mongol Empire.

As revenge, the Mongol army has swept away the shugenja – Japan’s powerful feudal guards. Now, you must save the land by joining the fight against the evil samurai and learn to fight with the help of an Android smartphone.

takashi ninja warrior mod apk an1

The most exciting part of the Takashi Ninja Warrior games is that you will have a variety of different ways to fight and conquer evil lands. You can be a powerful ninja assassin warrior who cuts a bloody path through the battlefields and causes fear and havoc among the enemy ranks.

You can also be a master swordsman who towers over other opponents with his powerful shield skill. You can also be a ninja warrior who can get in touch with the powerful gods by using the Shikai and doing many other crazy things in this amazing adventure game.

Features Takashi Ninja Warrior Mod APK 

After a few days of intensive testing, we have finally released the new Takashi Ninja Warrior Mod APK. This new feature pack offers many useful features, bug fixes, and performance tweaks that will help your system run much smoother and more efficiently.

It also provides a rich gaming experience with its highly realistic physics and graphics. All of the new items and game modes in the mod are completely free, as are the optional Karate and Ninja school add-ons. To learn more about the new Takashi Mod, check out our video section below.

  • Game Takashi reproduces like real ninja stars used in training of the hit show Ninja Warrior.
  • TAKASHI is the competition’s favorite brawling game.
  • Ultimate Ninja Obstacle Running Game with Complex Features for Challenge, Skill, and Fun
  • The Art of War meets the fun world of gaming.
  • Move your body just the way you want with Nintendo Wii + Microsoft Kinect + Playstation Move
  • Would you like to train like the ninja in the picture? Then it’s time for you to play the best action puzzler available
  • A super fun experience for all ages. Fun obstacles lead you through a 5 story training course.

How to Download And Install Takashi Ninja Warrior Mod APK

If you are looking for a cool program to help you learn the basics of fighting games then the one program that I highly recommend is the Takashi Ninja Warrior Mod APK. Now, this program is different from the other programs in the same genre because it does not use flash as its main feature.

This program does not require you to understand or even care about the basics of graphics. You will learn all you need to know to successfully download and install the mod onto your Wii. Now, before we get down to the steps to download and install the mod, we first need to know a little bit about its history. This program was created by the people who created the popular fighting game Splatterhouse.

Since the creation of this popular game, there have been countless other great games created, however, none of them have been able to reach the level of popularity that Takashi’s mod has achieved.

Many of the other games have either been remade or rebuilt from the ground up to try and emulate the success that Takashi has achieved. However, none of these games have been able to reach the level of popularity that this program has reached. As such, if you are interested in downloading this program on your Wii, you are going to need to find a place that has a high-speed connection.

takashi ninja warrior mod apk (unlimited money and diamond)

We recommend two places as your resource for learning how to download and install the Takashi Ninja Warrior on your Wii. The first place that we recommend looking to download this program is my blog. We will be discussing the technical details of the program as well as the guides and other information that you will need to successfully download and install it on your Wii.

The second place that we recommend looking to download this program is the Wii downloading portal. Here you will be able to find one of the most powerful sources of video game information available on the internet today.


By now, you have heard about the new program that is now known as Takashi Ninja Warrior Mod APK. The program is a conversion of the popular “MMORPG” mod Age of Conan into a Java application. While much of the code from the old version has been rewritten and upgraded for this conversion, much of the content will remain largely unchanged.

The primary change is the addition of a new class of abilities known as “ninjas,” which are powerful melee warriors who can deal out massive damage in just a few attacks. Given all this, it is expected that the new version of the game will be a huge hit.

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