Sonic Dash MOD APK v5.6.0 (Unlimited Money)

Sonic Dash (SEGA)

Name Sonic Dash
Offered By SEGA
Version 5.6.0
Size 132MB
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Updated August 14, 2022 (19 hours ago)
MOD Features Unlimited Money
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Download Sonic Dash Mod Apk to your android device now and enjoy endless hours of infinite fun and nonstop adventure with Sonic and his friends. This game features unique gameplay along with unlockable new characters dazzling environments, incredible obstacles, bonus stages, and much more.

Sonic Dash MOD APK

Run, jump and spin dash across the city as you collect rings, destroy robots and unlock powerful new outfits. You can also compete against your friends on Facebook and other players from around the world for high scores or turn on the autopilot mode to run through an infinite number of randomly generated levels.

What is Sonic Dash Mod Apk?

Sonic Dash Mod Apk is a free Android game that features the iconic blue hedgehog as he runs, jumps, and spins his way through beautiful 3D environments. You’ll need to avoid obstacles, collect coins, and defeat enemies while you try to get as far as you can in this fast-paced endless runner The controls are simple and easy to learn, making the game a perfect game for casual gamers or those who are new to the genre.

Sonic Dash MOD APK

The Sonic Dash has over 80 missions for you to complete These missions include challenges like collecting a certain number of rings completing a lap around an entire level within a time limit, or defeating as many enemies as possible You can also unlock and purchase new characters in the game with red star rings that you earn by playing The game features ten unique playable characters including both classic and modern versions of Sonic and other fan favorites like Shadow and Knuckles.

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The controls in Sonic Dash are easy to learn and allow you to move your character left or right, jump or slide and unleash a dash attack. You’ll also be able to use power-ups like invincibility shields or bubbles that protect you from damage while you dash To make things more challenging, there are plenty of obstacles on each level, including flying birds missiles fired by enemies, and spikes that kill instantly when touched and more.

Features of Sonic Dash MOD APK

The graphics are very colorful, and the soundtrack is nice You can also collect coins and power-ups to help you on your quest. If you are looking for a new game to play Sonic Dash Mod Apk might be the one for you Click here to download it now The game only takes up around 100 MB of space, so it is worth downloading if you have enough storage left. This game was originally released in November 2012. Since then, it has been downloaded millions of times. To get started with the game, you will need to download it from either iTunes or MozoUs website.


Sonic & friends have never run so fast. You can turn into Super Sonic to make your run even faster and beat your friend’s scores in Single Player Mode. Don’t forget that you can fly over obstacles when you turn into rocket-powered Sonic. Can you beat all 3 original zones and their Special Zones Run as one of your favorite SEGA characters including Sonic Tails Knuckles Amy Shadow and more.

Sonic Dash MOD APK


Endless running is all about getting a high score and surviving as long as you can without failing. How far can you go? Compete with players around the world with awesome rewards like power-ups coins, and more Collect power-ups to boost your score multiplier and coins, Grab lightning bolts to shock other players out of your way, Unleash killer bees on your opponents, Boost past obstacles with a rocket dash collect shields and unlock characters & new zones.


Race as Sonic Tails Knuckles and more to escape Dr. Eggman clutches across three stunningly beautiful zones, each with its own unique challenge plus three amazing bonus levels Endless running has never looked this good enjoy HD graphics and amazing sound effects along the way.

Graphics and Characters

The game features some of your favorite classic characters from Sonic Tails Knuckles and Amy The gameplay involves all of them racing around tracks collecting power-ups and rings to stay alive. The goal is to pass as many banks and defeat Dr. Eggman who always comes up with some surprises for you on each track The gameplay gets more challenging by introducing various hurdles on a track that changes during each run.

Sonic Dash MOD APK


Play as Sonic the Hedgehog as you dash jump, and spin your way across stunning 3D environments. Swipe your finger to propel Sonic forward at breakneck speeds and watch him zip around loops, fly over ramps, and take flight on colossal sky-high hoops. You can purchase in-game items such as coins ring shields and keys with real money or enjoy the unlimited use of these items by downloading our In-App Purchases pack.

Download Sonic Dash MOD APK

The Sonic Dash Mod Apk game is an endless runner game where you play as Sonic the Hedgehog You must run through levels, avoid obstacles and enemies and collect rings. You can also play as other characters from the Sonic franchise including Tails Knuckles and Amy The game is available for free on the MozoUs website.

The game features several characters from Sonic’s franchise, including Sonic Tails Knuckles, Amy and Shadow This is one of many free games that are offered by MozoUs on its website. Be sure to check out all of their free downloads for other popular games. Also, make sure to read our post about iPhone 3G & 3GS Repairs in NYC.

Sonic Dash APK FAQs

Is Sonic Dash Download for android on the App Store?

No, but you can download it on the MozoUs website.

What are some features of Sonic Dash Download for android?

You can use an accelerometer to control your character’s speed and direction in the game. When playing you’ll encounter obstacles that will require quick reflexes to avoid or jump over them.

How do I play game?

To make progress in this game, you need to collect as many rings as possible while avoiding any obstacles along the way.


The Sonic Dash game is a great way to pass the time. It is also a great game to play if you are a fan of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.

The graphics and gameplay are top-notch and the game is definitely worth checking out Overall I would highly recommend Sonic Dash to anyone looking for a fun and addicting game to play on their Android device A few days later I woke up in my bed with sweat all over me. I had that same dream again where Robotnik comes after me with his giant mechanical hand ready to smash me into oblivion.!

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