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Root Explorer (Speed Software)

Name Root Explorer
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Version 4.10.3
Size 5MB
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Updated July 6, 2022 (1 month ago)
MOD Features Unlimited Money
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Root Explorer Pro APK is an excellent file manager application that’s designed to provide users with robust file management capabilities, allowing them to view and move files on their Android device like they would on a computer.

Root Explorer Pro APK

It also allows users to search through the device’s files using a number of criteria, making it easy to find just the file they’re looking for without spending too much time digging through directories. The interface includes a number of tabs that make navigation simple, giving users quick access to frequently used features such as creating new folders and copying and pasting files between locations.

What is Root Explorer Pro Apk

Root Explorer Pro Apk is an app that allows you to have full access to your Android device’s file system. With this app, you can easily manage and edit files on your device, as well as view hidden files. The app also includes a number of features that make it easier to use than other file manager apps, such as the ability to change file permissions and create symbolic links.

Root Explorer Pro APK free

With App, you’ll be able to install apps from outside of Google Play without your device needing to be rooted first. You can also share files between devices, connect to a cloud storage account, and more. If you want to go beyond what most file manager apps offer but aren’t comfortable rooting your device just yet, the app may be worth a try.

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Freeing up space on your device is crucial for performance, especially if you need to make room for more photos, videos, and apps. When your device runs out of storage space, there’s a risk that its software will become corrupted or that apps may malfunction. One way to free up storage space is by uninstalling unnecessary apps. Most of us have installed apps we don’t use anymore and forget about them.

Features of Root Explorer Pro Mod Apk

Root Explorer Pro Mod Apk is the ultimate file manager for rooted users. With over 20 million downloads, The app is one of the most popular root apps in the world. The app allows you to access the entire file system of your Android device, as well as any mounted file systems. You can also use App to access protected app data, such as WhatsApp messages and Facebook Messenger conversations. If you’re looking for a powerful and easy-to-use file manager for rooted users, The app for you.

Root Explorer Pro APK

Manage Files

Easily copy and paste files with cut/copy/paste functions. Perform basic operations like creating new folders, renaming files, compressing zip files, etc. Access System Partitions: Explore your external SD card or USB OTG drive on Mac OS X using two different views – Computer (Finder) style or Tree style that shows all directories just like the Finder on macOS does.

Multiple Tabs

Create multiple tabs and flip between them just like you would tab in your browser. One click and all open tabs will be visible at once, this means less switching between windows. Powerful search engine: find what you are looking for quickly even if it is not obvious where it might be.

Advanced batch actions

Carry out multiple tasks by adding them to a queue which then performs the same operation to each item one by one.

Root Explorer Pro APK

Excess to Hidden Content

In order to navigate from view to view, there are many built-in shortcuts that can help you move around quickly. Use the Home button to go back up a level in the directory tree type Ctrl+H for hiding entries type Alt+Shift+I to show hidden entries and more!

Supports google drive

upload, download, list files, and folders image preview: extract jpg/png images from apk support sd card and USB OTG drive on mac os x tabbed browsing feature.

Download Root Explorer Mod Apk

The Root Explorer Mod Apk is a powerful file manager for Android that allows you to access the root file system. With this app, you can view and edit all of the files on your Android device, including the system files. It also includes some tools like a text editor and hex editor. It’s been rated as one of the best apps for rooted devices by many tech websites such as TechRadar and PCMag.

It is not possible to use apps on Android devices unless you have root access. By giving root access, you are able to modify your Android OS by changing system settings and removing unnecessary pre-installed apps from your device. This lets you create more free space for important apps and store more of your personal data in memory, instead of having it stored on your SD card or internal storage.

Root Explorer Premium Apk FAQs

Does Root Explorer Pro require rooting?

Yes, Root Explorer Pro requires root access. However, it is the only app in the market to have such extensive features for both rooted and non-rooted users.

What are the benefits of Root Explorer Pro if I am not rooted?

Non-rooted users can enjoy all the features from the free version with an ad-supported experience.

Why does Root Explorer Pro need to be installed as a system application?

Installing App as a system application ensures that all new files created by this app will be owned by your user account. Once installed, no other apps will be able to modify or delete these files without your permission.


The Root Explorer Pro app is a great way to get access to all of the files on your Android device. With this app, you can easily manage and edit your files. Plus, the App is free to download. If you are looking for an app that will give you complete control over your phone or tablet, then this is the one for you.!

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