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PUBLIC UNITED BATTLEGROUNDS: PUBG NEW STATE Mod Apk places you in a future warfare environment in which the federal government has ceased to exist and where several fights have taken place. The exteriors of the houses have been updated, with more impressive autos than the previous model year. Therefore, players may feel compelled to participate.


PUBG NEW STATE Apk Technological Advancements

Regardless of the technological advancements discussed above it PUBG NEW STATE Apk, we can’t help but notice that the open world of the game is a problem that everyone will be interested in. It’s a world where you can do anything you want, and it has a lot of open space for doing it. Therefore, to move around quickly, you must frequently rely on automobiles. As a bonus, you can collaborate with the surrounding elements to identify and resolve any issues that arise.


In addition to having visually stunning graphics, the game also includes fictional elements that have appeared in this universe. Additionally, even though they are all deserted, the new setting gives players a better impression and makes them fall in love with it more because the area has been well-maintained and new elements have been added to it. Drones can be seen, which are effects that are normally seen in fantasy video games only.

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A brand new setting and new experiences are provided by PUBG: NEW STATE Mod Apk, along with stunning automobiles that are simply impossible to ignore. The weapons and equipment that the game provides, on the other hand, are something that should still be considered.

Specifically, during the first few minutes of the game, you’ll land on unfamiliar territory and attempt to locate necessary items such as the necessary blood, armor, helmets, and weapons, among other things. Along the way, you’ll discover additional useful items from various environments and defeated opponents as you progress through the game.


The use of firearms to take out distant enemies is quite common in gunfights. You have the option of confronting them directly or launching an attack from a distance on their person or property. The vastness of the game’s setting allows you to hide in places where other players can’t see you or in places where you’re too far away to hurt them. Given this, the match will invariably be a difficult one, requiring the participant to demonstrate specific abilities.

Graphics of PUBG NEW STATE MOD Apk

You’ll be delighted by the visuals in PUBG NEW STATE Mod Apk , and you’ll be even more so by the new problems that are being introduced. Gamers will be able to take part in a whole different experience on a brand new landscape, complete with futuristic equipment that they may make use of. Don’t forget to pay attention to the weapons and associated equipment that will aid you in your survival during this last conflict.


A total of 100 players will engage in warfare using a variety of weapons and tactics until only one group remains. To survive the diminishing battlefield and become the “last man standing,” you must make the most of your gear, vehicles, and consumables.

Recreational Alternatives

Visually stunning visuals that push the boundaries of mobile gaming to their limits

  • PUBG NEW STATE Mod Apk visuals are much superior to what was before attainable in mobile game graphics thanks to the “international lighting” knowledge.
  • A vast, open-world battlefield with a level of realism is only possible thanks to the efforts of PUBG Studio.
  • PUBG: NEW STATE  Mod Apk outlines the visuals for the future iteration of PUBG.
  • The ultimate PUBG experience is right in your hands.

The expansion of the PUBG universe’s uniqueness

  • New groups arise inside the chaotic 2051 world, several years after the original PUBG was released.
  • A whole new battlefield is created in PUBG: Evolved, which takes the survival game PUBG and expands it. NEW YORK STATE.

Gunplay that is both acceptable and exciting is included

  • Take pleasure in the trademark “PUBG gunplay” on your mobile device, which has been specifically tailored for it.
  • Utilizing PUBG’s unique weapon attachment system, you may customize your weaponry to fit your preferences.

Following technology, action-based interactive gaming is implemented

  • Dodging, drone calls, and aid requests are just a few of the unique elements included in PUBG: NEW SSTATE Mod Apk thus far.
  • To quickly move throughout the 88 open world of PUBG: NEW STATE Mod Apk , make use of the brand new automobiles that are exclusive to the game.
  • Immersive PUBG experience accomplished via a variety of in-game objectives that have the potential to turn the tide in your favour.

PUBG: NEW STATE Mod Apk has The Following Features

  • Unlimited Money Unlocked All Premium Features Unlock All Premium Features Unlimited Coins
  • All of the levels have been unlocked.
  • There are no advertisements.
  • Everything is completely limitless.

UC with no restrictions

Want to sample new skins and gowns even when you don’t have a Royal Pass? No need to be concerned, dear colleague! It has been updated to add the new functionality in PUBG: NEW STATE MOD APK Unlimited UC. You will be able to obtain Unlimited UC if you make use of this functionality.

Purchase new costumes, gun skin skins, motorbike or automobile skins, and other accessories for yourself without having to spend any money. Do you know what you’re spending your time on? Download the PUBG NEW STATE APK from the Play Store.


Realistic weapons

PUBG New STATE MOD Apk is also compatible with it, as is the standard game version. The game’s most distinguishing characteristic is that everything looks to be genuine. It seems as if the PUBG: NEW STATE MOD Apk game is set in a real-life virtual world of its own. In PUBG: NEW STATE, players may engage in activities like as flying through the air and conversing with other players.

There will be no retaliatory force

The most unpleasant aspect of any shooting competition is the recoil from the firearms used in it. It’s not only that they slow us down; they also have the potential to put us in danger of being shot. Because of this, everyone benefits from the no recoil feature.


Unbounded health

We must keep our health in mind while we are engaged in combat with PUBG Mod Apk foes. It does, however, prevent us from completely controlling the game’s outcomes. Fortunately, we have a PUBG NEW STATE MOD Apk for every one of you to download.


It’s true, this is the greatest of the bunch! You may play with confidence with the PUBG NEW STATE MOD Apk Hack. Our recommendation is to keep a close eye on the application of all of the features highlighted in this study. Always play strategically and avoid attempting to attract the attention of many players at once.

pubg new

Mod for Increased Speed

This function increases our overall speed and is very beneficial to individuals who participate in The PUBG: NEW STATE Apk. The overall performance of these cars is expected to improve as well.

There is no ban on third parties

The current version of the pubg new state apk download 2021 hack does not have a third-party ban feature. With no fear of receiving an inadvertent ban from a third party, you may enjoy yourself while participating in games and activities.

Jumping to great heights

When you download and install the PUBG NEW STATE MOD Apk, you’ll be able to take advantage of the opportunity to conduct numerous of these uncommon actions, such as high leaps. Because they may jump over big structures, such as halls, school buildings, and apartments, as well as numerous containers in the dockyard, players will have impressive vertical leaps.

Rooting less is a good thing

The fact that there isn’t a root component is the most important factor to consider. The phone does not need a restart to function properly. pubg new state download apk India has a fantastic feature that allows you to do this.

Many programs that need root access necessitate the installation of a root application on your phone. In addition to your phone, this may have an impact on an extra application. Chemical bud might create issues with the operation of an application as well as the possibility of your phone hanging.

Battle Royale ULTIMATE

Battle Royale is the most popular mobile game genre since its debut in 2017. Nowadays, numerous games have unique characteristics and come from diverse businesses. Also, players are bored of old games with obsolete visuals. But with PUBG New State Mod Apk, you’ll get a whole new and improved experience. In essence, the designers intended to create a unique experience that resembled playing on a console.


The game is set in 2051, a dystopian future. You may still view the newest visuals. Exploration of features such as glasses shadows, doors, trees, etc. You may also use future designs and equipment such as drones, automobiles, electric trains, air assistance, and others. You may also play the same game but with customizable weapons.

PUBG has received a makeover

PUBG: NEW STATE MOD Apk brings the most intense battle royale game to your mobile devices, ushering in a new era for the popular gaming franchise.


How to Download and Install PUBG New State Mod Apk

1- If you have already installed the pubg new state mod apk game, that means the old version, then uninstall it quickly.

2- Open the settings of your smartphone and go to the security option, make sure to Enable Unknown Sources.

3- Now you have to download the PUBG New State Mode APK by clicking on the download button given below.

4- To install, you have to directly open the downloaded file and the installation will start.

5- Now open this game and enjoy it a lot.

Final words

Pubg new state game became popular very quickly because its old version was used by everyone, so this new version has been installed on every Android device now in India.

If you are facing any problems, then you can directly comment below!

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