Pool Game Practice: Learn the Rules of the White Ball


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Updated July 3, 2022 (1 month ago)
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Most of us are glued to our laptops or PCs for work in modern, fast-paced life. Whether you are working from home due to the pandemic or working from the office, you spend a significant amount of time on your device for work every day.

It is inevitable to feel bored at times, and it is also essential to take breaks between your long working hours. A refreshed mind will always help you perform better. And what can be more refreshing than an exciting session of an online game? That is probably why the number of online gamers increases day by day in India, as confirmed by the Economic Times.

The 8 ball pool game is quite popular in India among all other online games. Millions of people find this game exciting, and hence it is so popular both in an online and offline format. You can also take the warmth of this thrilling game between your busy work schedules without moving an inch. You can download 8 ball pool on your laptop and start playing the same.

Well, if you are already excited and planning to take up an online pool game session, hold on. First, you need to learn the rules of the game, and it will be better to practice a bit before you start. This article will discuss those essential rules and guide you to a good start.

Basics Of An 8 Ball Pool Game

You need to know the basics of any game before you start playing, and the pool is no exception. You can find the basic rules of this game below,

  • In an 8 ball pool game, there are 16 balls on the table.
  • Ball No. 1 to 7- Solid color ball, Ball No. 8- Black color ball, Ball No. 9 to 15- Striped color ball, and Ball
  • No.-16- White color ball or the cue ball. The cue ball is used for striking.
  • You need to use the cue stick to strike the white ball.
  • The total number of pockets in the table is 6- 4 at the 4 corners, and the rest of the 2 are placed in the
  • middle of the long rails of the table.
  • The balls are racked at the foot side using a triangle. That foot side is the far end.
  • The small dot appearing along the foot line is known as the foot spot. Two diamonds significantly mark the foot spot.
  • The head string is an imaginary line at the opposite side of the far end and is also marked by two diamonds.
  • A ‘group’ is a set of balls assigned to you in an 8 ball pool game. They are the set of your object balls, a combination of solid and striped color balls.
  • Returning a ball to the game and back to the table is known as “Spotting a ball.”

The basics show that the heart of the game lies within the white ball or the cue ball. The cue ball plays the most vital role as you can only strike your object balls by the cue ball using your cue stick. Your object balls must be pocketed, indirectly striking them via the cue ball. So, if you want to practice and master this game, you need to learn the rules of the white ball in-depth.

Rules Of The White Ball

You must know the following essential rules associated with the cue ball to play 8 balls pool game:

Placement And Movement Of The Cue Ball

Once the first shooter is decided, the player can place the cue ball anywhere on the pool table behind the head string to take the breaking shot. After that, the player needs to pocket at least one object ball to continue his turn and choose the set of his ‘group’ balls among solid or striped. After taking the breaking shot, the player can no longer move the cue ball as per his preference.

A legal breaking is when the shooter hits the rack with the cue ball using the cue stick with an adequate force so that 4 balls from the 8 ball rack come out and hit the side cushions. The cue ball is made of polyester or phenolic resin to make it heavier than the plastic-made object balls, primarily for the breaking shot. However, the heavier weight of the cue ball also helps the player perform various shots during the game as well.

Sinking The Cue Ball

It may happen that you also sink the cue ball in any of the pockets while potting an object ball. In that case, it is considered a foul. This foul is known as ‘Scratch.’ If you commit this foul, you lose your turn, and your opponent gets the strike. Your opponent also can place the cue ball anywhere on the table as per his convenience as a penalty to your foul.

Cue Ball In Hand

If you sink only the cue ball in any of the pockets accidentally, then you not only lose your turn, your opponent gets the advantage of the cue ball in hand. Your opponent can place the cue ball anywhere on the pull table behind the head string to take advantage of his next shot.

The Cue Ball Hitting The Opposite Group

If you hit any of the object balls of your opponent directly by the cue ball, it is considered a foul. Consequently, you will lose your turn, and your opponent will take the next shot. He will enjoy the benefit of placing the white ball anywhere on the pull table behind the head string as a penalty to your foul.


Hope you can understand why and how the white ball is so significant in 8 ball pool games and plays a key role. You have to be an expert handling the cue ball if you want to master the game. If you need some quality refreshment between your long working hours, you can download and play an online 8 ball pool game for the ultimate excitement.

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