NOVA Legacy MOD APK v5.8.4a (Unlimited Money)

NOVA Legacy (Gameloft SE)

Name NOVA Legacy
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Version 5.8.4a
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Updated July 7, 2022 (1 month ago)
MOD Features Unlimited Money
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NOVA Legacy MOD APK is one of the best games on android that combines role-playing and action genres and takes you to the future where mankind faced the invasion of aggressive aliens Scientists develop combat bio-robots such as tanks gunships and many other things to protect their planet from enemies In the NOVA Legacy game you are assigned to protect Earth from invaders in different combat missions during which you can control various robots with different abilities and upgrade them as you wish The game has more than 100 levels in total with various enemy opponents and lots of exciting challenges and tasks ahead so download NOVA Legacy from here now.


The game focuses on role-playing and team-building which may be familiar to anyone who played previous installments of the game Legacy also uses a card system similar to other games like Hearthstone or Gwent in order to attack and defend against enemies or other players This blog will help get you started with NOVA Legacy by discussing some of the common terms and gameplay elements used throughout the game as well as how to build your character from start to finish.

What is NOVA Legacy MOD APK?

NOVA Legacy MOD APK is a first-person shooter developed for mobile devices by Gameloft The game is a sequel to the popular NOVA and features console-quality graphics and gameplay With an extensive campaign mode and multiplayer support NOVA Legacy is one of the most comprehensive mobile shooters available. If you’re looking for a console-quality FPS experience on your Android device look no further than NOVA Legacy.


After you complete these steps you’ll be ready to play NOVA Legacy on your Android device The graphics and gameplay are comparable to other FPS games on mobile devices so you’ll have a fun time with it If you like first-person shooters don’t miss out on NOVA Legacy Whether you prefer playing solo or competing against others online there’s something for everyone in this expansive game.

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Once you have NOVA Legacy installed on your Android device you can begin playing From start to finish there’s a lot to do in NOVA Legacy You’ll receive multiple objectives during each mission, and completing them all will take some time. If you just want to fly around and shoot things though you can do that as well.

Features of NOVA Legacy MOD APK

Download the game for free on your Android device and start playing immediately. The controls are simple and the graphics are great. The game is set in the future and you must fight to save the human race from extinction There are many different weapons and upgrades to choose from so you can customize your experience NOVA Legacy MOD APK is a great game for anyone who loves first-person shooters.

NOVA Legacy

Team Deathmatch

There are more than 90 weapons and 20 upgrades to choose from The more you play, the more powerful your character becomes You can level up and gain access to better gear as you complete missions and win matches Team Deathmatch is a great game mode for players who want a challenge because everyone has access to all of their favorite weapons from start New players will have an even playing field with experienced ones because everyone starts out with identical equipment.


In NOVA Legacy Game there are many different options that allow you to customize your experience There are five categories including Weapons Armor Upgrades Skills, Drones, and Perks Weapons include assault rifles and sniper rifles Armor Upgrades includes armor plates or explosive damage protection Skills include cloaking device or tactical shield Drones include sentry guns or decoys Perks include temporary invisibility or bonus ammo clip size.



If you’re looking for something quick, then try out the Quick Match option. It’ll match you with other players based on your skill level and loadout preferences However, if you want to find teammates before jumping into a match together, then create or join a team using the Create/Join Team option For example, if you’re looking for like-minded people to play against other teams of friends then create a team and invite friends to join

Explore the Action

Action-packed missions await you in NOVA Legacy The more you play the better your character becomes and you’ll be able to access better weapons and items There are many customization options that make this a fun shooter for any player Whether you’re looking for some competition or just need some entertainment, this game offers both with its various modes and fun gameplay mechanics.

NOVA Legacy Apk

Story Mode

Play through three captivating campaigns and get immersed in the world of NOVA Legacy There are many story choices to make during each campaign mission allowing you to decide how your story unfolds While exploring your surroundings you may come across hidden areas where secret caches containing rare loot may be hidden away Capture these areas by destroying enemy generators located around them.

Shadow Missions

Challenge yourself with these timed missions. Your goal is to reach the extraction point alive but time is ticking down fast Clear obstacles and stay ahead of your enemies to make it out alive.

Versus Survival

Face waves of increasingly difficult enemies alone or with a friend in Versus Survival mode Can you survive until the end

Horde Assault

Have a blast blasting through wave after wave of AI drones for bragging rights as the last one standing.

Download NOVA Legacy MOD APK

Download the NOVA Legacy MOD APK for your android phone today This fast-paced first-person shooter will have you on the edge of your seat With amazing graphics and an immersive storyline this game is a must-play It has been downloaded over 3 million times since its release in 2012 with many calling it the best free shooting game ever Try it out now.

This game is ideal for killing time It has incredible graphics good gameplay and plenty of weapons and equipment to keep you on your toes. It can also be played with other players in multiplayer mode With no annoying pop-ups or purchases to make you’ll get hours of free fun out of NOVA Legacy It’s a game that doesn’t break any new ground but still manages to remain entertaining due to its smooth gameplay and high-quality graphics.


Will the game be available for PC?

The game will not be available for PC However it will work on Windows 10 if you have a touch screen device and a mouse.

Will the game be available for Mac?

NOVA Legacy is only available on Android devices. It can also be played with a touch screen device or a mouse and keyboard on Windows 10 PCs with windows installed or boot camped into OSX Sierra or High Sierra.

Will there be more than one world to explore in the game?

There are three worlds to explore You’ll need to complete levels in each of them before unlocking the next world You’ll also find boss levels throughout your journey that require unique strategies and abilities that may take some time to figure out.


Overall the game is a great addition to the NOVA series It’s challenging engaging, and most importantly fun The controls are easy to use and the graphics are top-notch If you’re a fan of first-person shooters, then you should definitely check out NOVA Legacy You won’t be disappointed The gameplay is really good with nice visuals but it can be hard to shoot at your enemies because they move so fast and you have to shoot at them before they attack There are also many different weapons that you can purchase with credits that you earn from completing missions in the game or just playing for long periods of time.!

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