Moy 5 Virtual Pet Game MOD APK v2.052 (Unlimited Money)

Moy 5 Virtual Pet Game (Frojo Apps)

Name Moy 5 Virtual Pet Game
Offered By Frojo Apps
Version 2.052
Size 51MB
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Updated July 13, 2022 (1 month ago)
MOD Features Unlimited Money
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Moy 5 Virtual Pet Game Mod Apk takes the player through the experience of owning and caring for five pets at the same time in this fun and engaging simulation app designed to appeal to both gamers and pet lovers alike. Designed with children in mind game uses adorable cartoon graphics and simple gameplay that will keep you coming back again and again. Children can interact with all aspects of their virtual pets’ lives including feeding walking and playing with them as well as helping to train their virtual pets’ brains.

Moy 5 Virtual Pet Game MOD APK

Moy 5 might just be one of the few out there At its heart Moy 5 is an odd combination of Pokemon-style battles and Tamagotchi-style love and affection wrapped in an RPG-style avatar character that you can customize any way you like. With over 100 different possible combinations of colors and looks plus dozens of minigames to play with your Moy 5 character this game has plenty to offer both kids and adults alike.

What is Moy 5 Virtual Pet Game?

Moy 5 is a pet simulation game that allows players to take care of their own virtual pets By feeding playing and cleaning up after their Moy players can level up and unlock new items and outfits for their Moy. The game also features a Tamagotchi-style mini-game where players must care for their Moy 5 Virtual Pet Game health and happiness. Players can feed the Moy and play with it by shaking it or tapping on its screen or picking it up and rubbing its belly Players are able to buy food from the shop using real money so they can collect coins in the game to purchase food.

Moy 5 Virtual Pet Game MOD APK

Players can also buy new outfits and items for their Moy allowing them to customize their pet This feature is also locked behind a paywall however players can gain access to it by leveling up and completing in-game achievements. Some items are more expensive than others but they’re all pretty cheap compared to similar features in other games. Although players can purchase food with real money they don’t have to they’re able to collect plenty of coins just by playing through the game.

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The game includes other features such as a Tamagotchi-style mini-game that allows players to feed play with and clean up after their Moy. Players can also buy food for their Moy using real money but they able to earn coins in the game by completing achievements and leveling up which allows them to purchase items for their pet without spending any money There are also many different clothing items and outfits players can unlock and collect.

Features of Moy 5 Virtual Pet MOD APK

The game offers four different pets to choose from: a panda a dog a mouse and a frog Players will have to feed their pets and give them water to make sure they’re healthy Pets can also be trained for tasks such as attacking when an enemy is nearby or picking up items in the game All of these skills are needed for players to complete the quests that Moy provides them with. Moy 5 Virtual Pet Mod Apk is available on the Play store and iOS devices with no in-app purchases or ads.


The player has to take care of five virtual pets simultaneously Alongside feeding and watering them it’s necessary to train them in order to help the player pass through levels that require more than one pet at a time Each pet has its own stats which improves by gaining experience points There are mini-games where you have to control each pet separately in order to collect food or defend against enemies.

Moy 5 Virtual Pet Game MOD APK

Life-like emotions

Apart from the importance of taking care of your pet’s needs, Moy 5 Virtual Pet Game features life-like emotions and feelings Your pet may get angry if you neglect him for too long or become sad if he does not get enough attention You can see this clearly on his face his eyes move around as he tries to read your intentions and he makes appropriate facial expressions based on how he feels about what’s happening in the game world.


One of the unique aspects of this app is the ability to send stickers to friends via messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

In-game currency

My coins are awarded after completing missions or after winning battles. These coins can then be used in the shop inside the game to buy various power-ups like additional lives extra energy and increase gameplay speed.

Moy 5 Virtual Pet Game MOD APK

Fish evolution

Fish are not only confined to water anymore In game fish come out of the ocean and swim through the sky Once on land they can evolve into different creatures depending on whether there is lots of water around or land instead Land animals like lizards crocodiles elephants and rhinos will appear if the coast starts drying up while desert animals like camels giraffes and zebras start appearing when there’s lots of sand but little or no water anywhere else.


It lets you customize your avatar so that it matches the chosen pet For example if the player chooses a panda as their pet then the avatar would look like a panda too


We allow players to trade some of their hard-earned money coins for other coins in return In this way we hope that people who need just one more point to level up will still be able to advance even without spending real money.

Building Blocks

With over 60 blocks to choose from players can create anything they want Some of the bricks include dragons knights boats and flying carpets.

Moy 5 Virtual Pet Game MOD APK


With multiplayer mode enabled game can be played on the same device or online with a friend.

Dress Up

Mix and match clothes to create the perfect outfit for the day Choose skirts or trousers t-shirts or sweaters shoes or boots or mix it all together.

Download Moy 5 Virtual Pet Game MOD APK

Moy 5 Virtual Pet Game Md apk is a fun and interactive virtual pet game that you can download for free In the game you will be able to take care of your very own Moy virtual pet You will need to feed bathe and play with your Moy pet to keep them happy. If you neglect your Moy pet they will become sad and run away But don’t worry You’ll have more than one chance to win them back Take care of your Moy pet and show it lots of love and attention because this virtual pet game has tons of fun in store for you.

Moy 5 is a virtual pet game where you will get to take care of your very own digital pet This adorable and cuddly virtual pet requires constant care love and attention in order to survive But if you provide it with what it needs then you will be rewarded with lots of fun As soon as you download the game for free from MozoUs website you’ll need to name your virtual pet Then feed it several times throughout the day in order to keep it alive.

Moy 5 Virtual Pet Game FAQs

What is the goal of this game?

The goal of this game is to take care of your pet making sure it’s fed, watered, and happy.

Is there a game?

There are no plans for an app at this time.

Can I play Moy 5 Virtual Pet Game on my phone or tablet?

Yes, You can also download it on any device with Android 4.0+ or iOS 7+.


The Moy 5 virtual pet game is a great way to get kids interested in pet care It’s also a great way to teach them the basics of responsible pet ownership The game is easy to use and understand and it’s a lot of fun We highly recommend it for any animal lover out there The game was released on November 30th, 2018 and features over 50 interactive puzzles for players to solve. Players can earn special coins by completing each puzzle that they can then spend on additional goodies like custom avatars or new pets.!

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