Dungeon Tales MOD APK v2.33 (Unlocked All Cards)

Dungeon Tales (Homecooked Games)

Name Dungeon Tales
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Version 2.33
Size 49MB
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Updated August 5, 2022 (5 days ago)
MOD Features Unlocked All Cards
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If you love dungeon exploration adventure RPG games with classic pixel art, then you cannot ignore Tales of Dungeon MOD APK. Unlike many other RPGs that have full 3D graphics, this game has a 2D gameplay style with classic pixel-art graphics, which looks so realistic and beautiful to the eyes that you cannot take your eyes off from it.

The gameplay itself is kind of simple but very entertaining in which there are multiple traps, enemies, and puzzles all over the maps in dungeons that you have to solve to advance further into the game and finish each chapter of it.

Dungeon Tales APK

In Tales of Dungeon, you play as an adventurer who explores dungeons and fights monsters in an attempt to get powerful enough to take on the demon lord in his castle. It’s a classic RPG-style game that will remind you of classics like The Legend of Zelda and even early Final Fantasy games. It takes place in a fantasy environment where your character explores dungeons, collects treasures, fights enemies, and unlocks new skills and features in the process.

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Tales of Dungeon Mod Apk

Greetings and welcome to another Tales of Dungeon Tales MOD APK This month we’re taking a look at a retro-styled RPG called Tales of Dungeon. It has a classic pixel art style that gives it an edge over many similar titles, but does it have enough depth to entertain you for hours on end? Let’s find out.

As with most free titles these days, there are ads scattered throughout Tales of Dungeon; some even come with IAP prompts. You might see one or two full-screen interstitials when starting up a new session. Outside of that, advertisements are limited to tiny banner spaces—you’ll hardly notice them at all while playing.

What is Tales of Dungeon Apk

Journeying through dungeons and collecting treasures is one thing that makes Tales of Dungeon MOD APK a great game for anyone who loves adventuring. The gameplay in Tales of Dungeon is very straightforward, with only three different controls: walk forward, walk back, and turn left or right. This doesn’t mean there’s not a lot to explore.

Characters within Tales of Dungeon are all distinct from each other, with their special attacks they can use while exploring. The core gameplay revolves around moving your character up through a dungeon floor, unlocking chests along the way.

While you do occasionally encounter monsters on Tales of Dungeon MOD APK, exploration itself involves no combat; you simply try to avoid them! However, if you choose to attack monsters in Tales of Dungeon Game, then it becomes an RPG battle complete with timing-based moves as well as strategic thinking about how best to take out your opponents.

Features of Tales of Dungeon Mod Apk

Dungeon Tales MOD APK is an epic exploration adventure RPG game that takes place in a medieval fantasy world. The player will take on roles as a group of 5 friends who are on a quest to explore and map out The World, which is supposedly filled with rare items and legendary creatures.

However, like most games that feature mostly male protagonists, Tales Of Dungeon does not feature much character customization.

Procedural map system

There are two main game modes in Tales Of Dungeon. The game world you explore on foot and dungeons is explored by the use of random dungeon generation algorithms. This makes for a different experience every time, with varying monsters and obstacles to challenge your party.

Dungeons also become more challenging as your progress through the game, so make sure to check out our guides to prepare yourself before venturing into unknown territory! While Tales Of Dungeon is still very early in development, that should not stop anyone from trying it out now.

Shops, campfires, and traps

There are many shops you can visit in Tales Of Dungeon, such as a fisherman that offers to trade fish for equipment upgrades. Campfires are also available all over The World which allows your team to rest safely, however, they might also attract wandering monsters. There is a chance that your party will be ambushed while resting at these campfires.

Finally, there are hidden spike traps across The World. They do damage and can deal instant death if you don’t pay attention when crossing them.

Unique events to spice up the adventure

While exploring The World, you will encounter random events that occur. These can be anything from a drunk man who offers a reward for finding his lost goat, to treasure hunters that want a share of your loot if you allow them to join your party.

While some of these side quests are inconsequential, some stories tie into what’s going on in Tales Of Dungeon and they lead up to important moments later in-game.

Discover 50+ cards for deck building

As you explore dungeons and complete main quests, you will gain new cards that can be used to build decks. You can bring up to 10 decks into a dungeon run. Learn more about how card decks work in Tales Of Dungeon.

How to Download and Install Tales of Dungeon Mod Apk

Some time ago, I tried Tales of Dungeon MOD but unfortunately, it had some bug that’s why it’s discontinued now. Then I found a Tales of Dungeon Apk and installed it to check if there is any bugs but unlike its MOD version, everything was working properly.

Well, you must be wondering how to download and install the Tales of Dungeon game? It’s pretty easy! Just follow these simple steps: First of all, you need an Android device that has at least 4 GB internal storage space because Tales of Dungeon takes 2 GB of memory.

Tales of Dungeon Mod Apk FAQs

What are Tales of Dungeon Mod Apk?
Tales of Dungeon Mod Apk is a role-playing video game available on the Android OS platform that you can play without paying any fees.

How to download Tales of Dungeon Game?
The first step is to find a trusted Android application store from where you can download Tales of Dungeon Game.


If you love adventure and dungeon-style games, you can consider downloading Tales of Dungeon. It is a role-playing game in which you will have to fight different monsters by using your sword. The interesting part about it is that it is available for free.

You do not need to pay any kind of fees while installing or playing it. You can simply download, install and start playing it on your device.

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