Best Apple Smartphone with Waterproof List 2020 (Full Reviews)

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Today I am going to share you the best Apple waterproof mobile list price in this post, everyone knows the Apple company, so I do not need to introduce Apple .

If you want to see Apple’s waterproof mobile, which is in good configuration, then I am going to show you with the list below, you can buy the device by choosing them to your liking.

In this post you will get the list of Apple’s waterproof mobile. Which will be between lower prices and higher prices. It is the most popular mobile device in the world, which has been updated by the Apple company with very good features.

Nowadays Apple iPhone waterproof mobile goes to every person and is bought the most waterproof. So, we are going to tell you the latest list, which you can definitely use them once

Best Apple Smartphone with Waterproof List 2020

Below we are providing the list of most expensive iPhone, which we will tell about some of their features only. You can read and buy their features.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 512GB Review

This is a waterproof mobile, known as iPhone 11 Pro Max 512GB, you can keep this smartphone under water for 20 minutes. Which will not cause any fault in this phone for 20 minutes. This is the complete guarantee of the company.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 512gb smartphone has triple camera rear, which has given this real camera 12mp plus 12mp plus 12mp plus and its selfie has given 12 megapixels.

It is setup with 4GB of RAM and comes with 512GB of internal storage. The display is 6.5 inche (16.5 cm) screen, and is with iOS 13.

Talking about the battery, 3969 MH battery is included, which is also Apple a13 bionic. The price of this smartphone is ₹ 141900 in India.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro 512GB Review

This smartphone is also a full waterproof smartphone, which you can keep under water for 15 minutes. It has triple camera setup, three real cameras of 12 megapixels. Which selfie camera is 12 megapixels. The screen of this smartphone is given 5.8, which is based on the Fire ios 13.

Apple a13 bionic is also included. The smartphone’s RAM is 4GB, which includes 512gb of internal storage.

The battery has been given 3000 46 MH which is very powerful and gets fully charged within 1 hour.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro 256GB Review

Like I can tell you that most of Apple’s mobiles are coming waterproof, which can comfortably keep this mobile under water for 10 to 15 minutes. Still, there will be no problem in this mobile. Apple a13 bionic of this mobile is given.

This Apple iPhone 11 pro 256gb features the same as all max 256gb, its display is low, the display is 5.8 inches, the battery is given a 3046 mAh battery, which IS Is based on 13.

Apple iPhone 11 128GB Review

Apple A11 comes with vine and 3GB of RAM and 256 GB internal storage is included, giving you 2691 mh battery full powerful.

This smartphone is full waterproof, which comes with a 12 mp 12 megapixel rear camera and has a 12 megapixel selfie, which has a 6.1 inch screen and comes with double SIM, this smartphone is based on IS13.

Apply iPhone 8 plus 256GB Reviews

Apple A11 comes with Bionic which is full water proof.This smart phone has seen 3GB of RAM which is with 256GB internal storage and talk about the battery, there is 2691 battery, you get double camera 12 plus 12.

The megapixel rear camera is 7 megapixels. Talking about its screen, a 5.5-inch screen has been given. Its iOS version 11, which is based on single SIM, is given.

I have shared this list of smartphones in front of you, hope you will like it.

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